Poland’s Literature Hijacked? Pt2

It is those earlier periods that breed and sustain (not nurture) the underlying climate of its culture today: Nostalgia, the template into which all must fit. The world-famous interwar modernist troika of Witkacy, Bruno Schulz and Gombrowicz (allegedly missing the Nobel — when it meant literature not journalism or ditties culled from traditional forms– by […]

A Nation’s Literature Hijacked?

Since the deluge of the digital age, the emergence of single nation language cultures from their pre-cyber cocoons can be a litmus test regarding status. In the fluctuating territories of central/East Europe, Poland’s literature was previously disseminated by one or two specialist departments of American universities for academic kudos. This was to the benefit of […]

Bruno Schulz’s copyright

In 2012 the copyright of Bruno Schulz’s art and text passed from the private to the public domain. After the artist’s tragic death at the hands of the Nazis in 1942, there was in fact a long delay until a distant relative came out to claim family inheritance decades later. Marek Podstolski was distant not […]