the greatest songwriter in the uk

The work of John Fiddler and his various bands, starting with the seminal Medicine Head in 1969 on John Peel’s Dandelion Records, has been close to my heart from the outset of this pilgrimage. John’s songwriting is very distinctive, always original but where the sources are never lost. It always touches the heart and soul and pulse of then and now, in short: timeless. No fillers, pure nuggets, a poet in words and character. His current material is featured on various superb CDs by Angel Air Records, one of which I had the honour to humbly contribute to.  If you seek a potential life-changer in musical terms, you might meet your destiny there. And Pink Floyd ‘borrowed’ one of his album titles t’boot! Thank you John for all the beauty, pleasure and rare artistic integrity you have given countless fans around the world. Long may your “pictures in the sky” illuminate. Please visit and support pure genius.

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